Why Choose Ada Burgh as Your Stake Pool?

Cardano Stake PoolsAda Burgh is a Stake Pool for the cryptocurrency of Cardano, known as Ada.  Stake Pools keep Ada decentralized and secure. For example, the IOHK team — those who developed Cardano and its cryptocurrency Ada — has estimated that in the future there can be over 1000 Ada Stake Pools for the Cardano Network. That is HUGE!

The EOS network only has 21 nodes producing blocks! Meanwhile, Cardano can have 1000 Ada Stake Pools (which are running nodes for the network) thus making the Cardano blockchain resilient, decentralized, and equitable. Thanks to the community staking, Cardano will not have cartels unlike other PoS protocols. On Eos the Chinese Exchange Cartel is in control and can even reverse transactions at will!

Connor has over six years of experience in the industry and his curiosity is unstoppable.  For example, he has worked at ICO Alert and Sutler Ventures (IOST Node Candidate).  This experience will allow him to minimize Ada Burgh’s operating costs and therefor maximize the stake reward for his stakers. In addition, Connor’s strong connections to the local blockchain community in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. He also organizes the local Cardano Meetup Group and has a burning desire to grow the local crypto industry via the great Universities and people of Pittsburgh. While you may not be from Pittsburgh, in ADA Burgh you are home.